PDF proof. (Portable Document Format)
Created in our studio and sent in colour to your email address. To access this you will need Acrobat Reader. This program is freely available from the adobe website, www.adobe.com

Colour Digital Proof.
Although still computer generated, this method gives a better 'press accurate' representation of the finished job. As no films or plates have been made at this stage of proofing, further textual or pictorial changes can be made at negligible additional cost.

Wet colour proofs.
This definitive proof not only employs both final films and plates, but prints directly onto the exact material specified for your job. Although this method is by far the most accurate, any changes at this stage will incur additional costs, as new films and plates will need to be generated.

Cromalin Proof.
A sharper, more exact reproduction of your printed job than the colour digital proof, the cromalin uses the actual films that will make final printing plates, before being reproduced onto photo quality paper. This is an ideal solution for a very accurate reproduction without the costs of plates and press time.

Black and white laser proof.
Again generated by computer and transfered directly onto plain white laser paper. This is ideal for checking all text and layout information. This can be provided instead of a pdf file if preferred, gives similar results to a printout a pdf.